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Why Do Most Of The Small Appliances Control Panel Use Single Side Board?
Sep 29, 2017

I believe we also know that small appliances control panel is one of the core components of various household appliances, most of the specific program functions are to rely on this component to achieve, such as telephone remote control home appliances start, disconnect and monitor the real work of home appliances Situation, etc., but there are many friends found that most of the small household appliances control panels are using Single Side Board, rather than double-sided, why? The following by Bo Ying special technical staff for everyone to analyze:

Small appliances control panel

In order to let everyone better understand the difference between them, we first come to understand what is a Single Side Board and double panel it:

1, Single Side Board: the most basic PCB, parts concentrated in one side, the wire is concentrated in the other side; because the wire only appears in one side, so we call this PCB called Single Side Board PCB. Because there are many strict restrictions on the design line, but only one side, so the wiring can not be crossed and must be around the path alone.

2, double-sided: simple point that is double-sided line, both sides of the line, because the double-sided area than the Single Side Board double, and the wiring can be staggered (can be around the other side), so it is more suitable Used in more complex than the single-sided circuit.

So many manufacturers of small appliances control panel are mostly using a Single Side Board, would rather add a lot of jumper, do not have double panel; because the cost of jumper is low, and Single Side Board plate is usually much cheaper, in mass production Of the circumstances, the cost is more obvious. So the manufacturers, the province is also a cost of the end of the cost.