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Whether The Pattern Aluminum PCB Will Rust
Oct 20, 2017

The use of pattern Aluminum PCB is very extensive, three ribs, five ribs, pointer pattern aluminum are common varieties, in the construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other areas can see the pattern of Aluminum PCB. Today, Suzhou pattern aluminum suppliers - Long Kai Aluminum to tell you about whether the pattern aluminum will rust.

The general pattern of Aluminum PCB of this layer of oxide film is very thin, it only 0.00001 mm so a little thick. In the industry, in order to make the pattern Aluminum PCB more durable, often make a good pattern of Aluminum PCB immersed in 20% sodium sulfate and 10% nitric acid solution, so that this layer of oxide film thicker (anodized) This layer of oxide film is afraid of acid and fear of alkali, so the pattern of aluminum should not be cooking only cooking.

Often people are not hot pan, always use grass ash or sand to wipe. In fact, this is a very unscientific approach. So that the ash can be very good to remove the aluminum pot of this "jacket": First, the friction can be based on the scientists experiment, the world does not exist absolutely no rust of the metal, but the conditions with the degree of different calculations. Iron rust is because they can not occur maintenance layer, so rust more and more, until the rust through, so we often see the dark rust.

Aluminum PCB is not the case, it is born with rust in their own appearance, to block the oxygen into the aluminum inside, inside the aluminum will not rust again, this layer of rust into the characteristics of Aluminum PCB maintenance film, we called It is alumina. Alumina has a characteristic, wipe it away, and soon will generate a new layer of alumina, continue to maintain the effect. Whether we use anything in the late maintenance and maintenance is very important, including the appearance of the consolidation of stone is the same.