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What Is The Spacing Of Aluminum PCB Angle?
Oct 31, 2017

What is the spacing of Aluminum PCB angle? Doors and windows curtain wall Union Xiao Bian's view: generally not more than 300, the actual need to be calculated according to Oh!

Everyone's opinion:

1, the spacing is not greater than 300mm

2, high-rise building Aluminum PCB curtain wall Aluminum PCB angle code is to be calculated to determine.

3, the general situation to meet the structure on the line

4, the specification provides no more than 300mm

5, I Division is the production of aluminum veneer, in the absence of special requirements, usually our Aluminum PCB angle spacing of more than 300mm. There are special requirements.

6, our company under normal circumstances in the four corners of the place, the angle can not be greater than 180mm, the middle spacing of not more than 300mm.

7, our company under normal circumstances in the four corners of the place, the edge of the general about 150mm, the middle spacing of about 300mm.

8,330, the corner by half.This is what we do a relatively large project data

9, the spacing is not greater than 300MM

10, should be determined by the structure, the general situation in about 300mm

11, the general works are about 300mm it

12,300 pitch, corner 180, the specification seems to how to write

13, we hereby set out this

Edge spacing 150mm

Spacing 300-350mm

14, the standard plate cloth angle if there is a regular, corner staggered, the middle are divided around 300, do not fight!

15, the middle spacing of each 300 from the edge of the general not more than 150

16, before doing, processing drawings are corner 100mm, the middle spacing 350, the actual process, due to the operation of the workers, may be more than 400 pitch!

17, according to the calculation to determine, generally not more than 300mm

18, the general starting 200, interval 300 it!