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What Areas Can Be Applied To Multilayer Board?
Jul 14, 2017

Multilayer board is cut from the wood section into a veneer or cut by the wooden square cut into thin wood, and then glue the glue from the three or more layers of plate-like material, a wide range of applications.

Use Multilayer Board to make furniture, use it to do some cabinets, cabinets and sofas and other household items. Of course, Multilayer Board can also be done interior decoration, such as interior decoration can also do floor linings, ceilings and so on. Like a five-layer plywood is a number of packaging, furniture, shipbuilding and many other industries must supplies, it is made by a number of very fine Seiko details, usually one of the materials to do furniture, it has a strong tensile , And deformation is small. In addition, Multilayer Board can also be used in engineering construction, packaging industry.

Multilayer Board quality is good or bad, mainly depends on the production process, glue and substrate, we choose to carefully check the time.

Multilayer board as a green material, widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry, then it is how to produce, but also what kind of performance?

It is the choice of high-quality precious wood for the panel, after coated with resin in the hot press, made by high temperature and high pressure, with a strong wear resistance, long-term maintenance of the new material and solid wood texture, Treatment, coupled with the use of environmentally friendly glue, can effectively prevent pest erosion and harmless to the human body. Its compressive ability is very strong, not easy to deformation cracking, dry shrinkage expansion is very small, with a better ability to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

When we pick the Multilayer Board, we should pay attention to the selection of non-woven Multilayer Board, if the hand hit the various parts of the Multilayer Board, the sound crisp, it proves good quality, if the sound nausea, that Multilayer Board has emerged Scattered plastic phenomenon.