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PCB Output In China The Largest Proportion Of
Apr 12, 2016

Asia PCB output value up to 88% per cent of global China the largest proportion of

In 2010, the global PCB market achieved rapid development. According to the NT Information statistics, 2010 global PCB production value reached US $ 55 billion. Output of 3.33 billion dollars in North America, and Brazil and other South American countries, total PCB output value reached 3.439 billion dollars in the Americas. In Europe, Germany is still the main PCB producing countries, production value of us $ 1.146 billion, and Italy, and France and other countries, the European total production value of us $ 2.801 billion. In Asia, mainland China 22.185 billion dollars topped the, followed by Japan, $ 9.895 billion, China Taiwan 7.086 billion dollars, Korea 6.087 billion dollars, while Thailand became one of the most rapidly developing areas to 1.163 billion dollars, with the rest of Asia, Asia PCB production value reached US $ 48.68 billion, up to 88% per cent of global.