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Patterning Of Aluminum PCB
Oct 20, 2017

The use of pattern aluminum is very extensive, three ribs, five ribs, pointer pattern aluminum are common varieties, in the construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other areas can see the pattern of Aluminum PCB. Today, Suzhou pattern aluminum suppliers - Long Kai Aluminum to tell you about the pattern of Aluminum PCB stacking method.

Patterns of various varieties of aluminum, in our days can be seen everywhere, but many patterns of aluminum manufacturers do not know how to carry out the accumulation of aluminum products. Can be divided into products in the warehouse and product warehouse. The product contains the Aluminum PCB to be refined, the warehouse of the Aluminum PCB. Finishing the pattern of aluminum, finishing after the physical and chemical inspection of the pattern of aluminum and not ordered by the contract produced by the planned pattern of aluminum. Products pattern Aluminum PCB accumulation methods are:

1. The same furnace number (ordinary carbon steel available batch number) pattern Aluminum PCB should be stacked together, so that the whole pattern of Aluminum PCB or the whole pattern of aluminum can be refined together, without disrupting the pattern of aluminum processing process, in addition to prevent Mixed numbers and lost.

2. The same order of the contract pattern aluminum should be put together in order to organize production by contract.

Products pattern Aluminum PCB accumulation methods are:

1, regardless of steel and according to the pattern of Aluminum PCB section from the accumulation;

2, regardless of pattern aluminum section and by the steel part of the accumulation;

3, according to the order contract accumulation

4, according to the pattern of Aluminum PCB number (lot number) accumulation due to various reasons, the above accumulation method, are not used alone, but based on the specific circumstances of production, with each other from the use of safe production point of view set sail.

Pattern Aluminum PCB should also pay attention to the following matters.

1. When accumulating the patterned Aluminum PCB, it is necessary to orient the mark on the side of the pattern Aluminum PCB in order to find the desired pattern Aluminum PCB.

2. The height of the stack should be in accordance with the requirements of the safety technical rules. The stacking orientation should be more than 2m from the railway or highway. It is necessary to set aside no less than 1m between the heap.

3. Stacked pattern Aluminum PCB is necessary to have horn or rack, to prevent the pattern of aluminum pile sink and tilt.