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On The Processing Technology Of Multilayer Board
Jun 23, 2017

Multilayer board manufacturers of products with excellent performance, but also has a high strength and toughness, grip nail force is very good, waterproof and moisture superior performance, is widely used in modern decoration and all kinds of furniture manufacturing.

Processing of Multilayer Board, the first selection in the material to be done, choose the same thickness of the board close to the board, the deviation is small, under the same direction of the latitude and longitude, especially more than 6 layers of Multilayer Board, Must be consistent, that is, by the direction and the direction of overlap, weft and weft direction overlap, this is to ensure that the latter part of the processing force consistent to produce high quality finished product basis. In the process of pressing, it is necessary to pay attention to the hot time control is reasonable to ensure that the colloid in the wood fiber duct full filling. In order to make the resin can be better filling, wet, control the heating rate is very important, the heating rate is the specificity of the laminated temperature, you can control when the temperature rise to high.

In short, in the process of processing Multilayer Board, time and temperature control is the key factor in the relationship between the finished product, the need to cause Multilayer Board manufacturers attach great importance.

Some of the multilayer board in the use of the process, there may be cracking problems, and cracking the plate is not available, so Multilayer Board manufacturers must solve this problem.

To solve the problem of Multilayer Board cracking, Multilayer Board manufacturers to do the foundation from the time of production, first of all to the substrate drying, but also to add the right amount of preservatives, and to ensure its absorption, after anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, the need for secondary drying, the substrate of the water removed to ensure that its corresponding internal stress. And we use the time, but also pay attention to the corresponding maintenance, to prevent the emergence of exposure and rain, so multi-layer cracking problem will be resolved, so that conservation is also very important.

But also pay attention to the problem of moisture, if the Multilayer Board moisture damp, then prone to deformation, serious or even rot.