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Multilayer Board Use Value
Jul 05, 2017

In recent years, with the VLSI, electronic components of the miniaturization, high accumulation of progress, Multilayer Board with high-direction circuit with high-direction,

Therefore, the demand for high-density lines, high wiring capacity of the sun, but also associated with the electrical characteristics (such as Crosstalk, the integration of impedance characteristics) more stringent requirements. The popularity of the multi-foot part and the surface mount component (SMD) makes the shape of the circuit board pattern more complex, the conductor lines and the aperture are smaller, and towards the development of high Multilayer Board (10 to 15 layers) The The latter half of the 1980s, in order to meet the needs of small, lightweight high-density wiring, small hole trend, 0.4 ~ 0.6 mm thick thin Multilayer Board is gradually popular. Punching processing to complete the parts of the hole and shape. In addition, a small number of diverse production of products, the use of photoresist to form a pattern of photography. High-power amplifier - substrate: ceramic + FR-4 plate + copper base, layer: 4 layer + copper base, surface treatment: immersion gold, features: ceramic + FR-4 plate mixed laminated, with copper-based crushing. Porous Multilayer Board PCB - Substrate: PTFE, Thickness: 3.85mm, Number of layers: 4 layers, Features: Blind hole, silver paste. Green Product - Substrate: FR-4 sheet, thickness: 0.8mm Layer: 4 layers, size: 50mm × 203mm, line width / line distance: 0.8mm, aperture: 0.3mm, surface treatment: immersion gold, Shen tin. High frequency, high Tg device - Substrate: BT, : 4 layers, thickness: 1.0mm, surface treatment: gold. Embedded system - substrate: FR-4, the number of layers: 8 layers, thickness: 1.6mm, surface treatment: spray tin, line width / line distance : 4mils / 4mils, solder resist color: yellow. Dcdc, power module - substrate: high Tg thick copper foil, FR-4 sheet, size: 58mm × 60mm, line width / line distance: 0.15mm, Thickness: 1.6mm, the number of layers: 10 layers, surface treatment: immersion gold, features: each layer of copper foil thickness of 3OZ (105um), blind buried hole technology, high current output. High frequency Multilayer Board - substrate: Layer: 6 layers, thickness: 3.5mm, surface treatment: immersion gold, features: buried hole. Photoelectric conversion module - substrate: ceramic + FR-4, inch: 15mm47mm, line width / line distance: 0.3mm, 0.25mm , Layer: 6 layers, thickness: 1.0mm, surface treatment: gold + gold finger, features: embedded positioning. Backplane - substrate: FR-4, the number of layers: 20 layers, thickness: 6.0mm, outside Layer: 4 layers, thickness: 0.6mm, surface treatment: immersion gold, line width / line, the thickness of the layer: 1: 1 ounce (OZ), surface treatment: immersion gold. Micro-module - substrate: FR-4, Distance: 4mils / 4mils, features: blind hole, semi-conductive base. Communication base station - substrate: FR-4, layers: 8 layers, thickness: 2.0mm, surface treatment: spray tin, line width / 4mils / 4mils, Features: Dark solder resist, multi-BGA impedance control. Data Collector - Substrate: FR-4, Number of layers: 8 layers, Thickness: 1.6mm, Surface treatment: immersion gold, line width / line spacing : 3mils / 3mils, solder resist color: green matte, features: BGA, impedance control.