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Functional Test Of The Printed Circuit Board Of High Density Board
Apr 12, 2016

A populated PCB, higher bus speeds, and analog RF Circuit tests have raised unprecedented challenges, functional testing in this environment requires careful design, thoughtful testing methods and appropriate tools to provide a credible test results.

When dealing in the same fixture suppliers, keep in mind that these issues, and also have to think about where the products will be manufactured, it is a place where many test engineers will be ignored. For example, we assume that the test engineers in the United States, California, and products manufactured in Thailand. Test engineer will think that products requiring expensive automated fixtures, because of high prices at the California plant, requirements test as little as possible, and you should use automated fixtures to reduce the employment of high wages of the operator. But in Thailand, those two issues did not exist, was cheaper by manual to solve these problems, because labour costs here are low, land prices are cheap, large plants are not a problem. Sometimes the first-class equipment might not be popular in some countries.