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Choose The Tricks Of The Pattern Aluminum PCB
Oct 20, 2017

The use of pattern Aluminum PCB is very extensive, three ribs, five ribs, pointer pattern aluminum are common varieties, in the construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other areas can see the pattern of Aluminum PCB. Today, Suzhou pattern aluminum suppliers - Long Kai Aluminum for everyone to simply talk about the choice of pattern aluminum tips. In the case of

Look at the thickness. High-quality pattern Aluminum PCB selected thickness, strength, oxide film thickness and so should meet the national standard: Aluminum PCB thickness ≥ 1.2mm, tensile strength ≥157 cattle / square millimeter, yield strength ≥ 108 N / mm2, oxide film Thickness ≥ 10 microns. If not meet the standard, that is, poor quality pattern aluminum. In the case of

See processing. According to the pattern of large-scale production of Aluminum PCB, the use of materials stress, the board bright light, pattern clear and regular, aluminum flat, the surface without oil, scratches, injury and other defects; and small factory production pattern aluminum, The surface is bleak, the pattern is not clear, irregular, the board is not smooth, functional failure, poor quality. In the case of

3. look at the price. Pattern Aluminum PCB is divided into pure aluminum and alloy two, the price is not the same natural. Regular manufacturers produce patterns of aluminum processing costs a ton in a few thousand dollars, the alloy price is higher than pure aluminum, regular manufacturers of Aluminum PCB than low-grade aluminum to 20% -30% higher. Enterprises in the acquisition, should not simply than the price, to buy substandard products, then regret the late carry on. In the case of

4. See performance. From the manufacturer's production line to the enterprise workshop, the center to go through the package, loading, transportation, storage, open many links, pattern aluminum can not help but oxidation, scratches like damage, planning large, efficient supplier for the user Supply back, for efficiency, for users to consider after considering.