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How To Look At A PCB Board Is Not A Single Side Board
Jun 12, 2017

What is a single-sided PCB board, how to distinguish PCB single-sided board? How to see a board is not a Single Side Board, Single Side Board with those characteristics, I Division to answer your doubts.

Single-sided printed circuit board is the early 1950s with the emergence of the transistor, the United States as the center developed products, the main production methods to copper foil direct etching method. From 1953 to 1955, Japan used imported copper foil for the first time to make paper phenolic copper foil substrate, and a large number of applications in the radio. In 1956, the Japanese circuit board professional manufacturers, single-panel manufacturing technology then rapid progress.

In the material, the earliest to paper-based phenolic copper foil substrate, but because of the then the phenolic material electrical insulation is low, poor heat resistance welding, twisting and other factors, one after another paper ring resin, glass epoxy resin and other materials are Development, the current consumption of electronic equipment required for a Single Side Board, almost using paper phenolic substrate board.

Single-panel and multi-layer circuit board is different from the single-panel wiring diagram to the main network printing, that is, printed on the copper surface resistance agent, after etching and then anti-welding mark on the mark, and finally punching processing Complete part of the hole and shape. In addition, a small number of diverse production of products, the use of photoresist to form a pattern of photography.

Single-sided PCB four-layer circuit board multi-layer PCB circuit board manufacturers.

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