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The performance of Aluminum base PCB
Jun 08, 2018

Aluminum base PCB is the aluminum base material circuit board, made from copper foil, thermal insulation layer and the metal substrate composition, let's have a look what are the properties of Aluminum PCB.


Heat dissipation


At present, the heat dissipation of many double sides PCB, multilayer sides PCB, high density and high power PCB is difficult. Printed circuit board such as FR4, CEM3 is a poor conductor of heat of conventional, interlayer insulation, heat does not go out. Local heating electronic equipment not excluded, leading to high temperature failure of electronic components, and the aluminum substrate can solve the heat dissipation problem.

Thermal expansion


Expansion and contraction is a common nature material, different material coefficient of thermal expansion is different. Aluminum base PCB can effectively solve the problem of heat, so that the printed board components of different substances to relieve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction, improve durability and reliability of the whole machine and electronic equipment. Especially the solution of SMT (surface mount technology) problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

Dimensional stability


apparently the dimensional stability of aluminum base PCB is more stable than the insulating material of PCB. Aluminum base PCB, aluminum sandwich panels, from 30 ℃ to 140~150 ℃, change in size for 2.5~3.0%.




Aluminum base PCB is with shielding; instead of the brittle ceramic PCB; the use of surface mount technology is more assured ; reduce the printed board truly effective area; replace the radiator components, improve product thermal and physical properties; and reducing the production cost and labor.