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Nov 10, 2018

With the continuous development of the time,people’s living standard improve continually.The car has been a very important vehichle in our life.Global automotive electronics industry has accessed to a new round of capital and technology integration.The automotive circuit board continually presents a variation trend.Summerized into bellowing types: First,high energy/strong electricity

1.       high energy:the driver module’s practical power IGBT of hybrid electric vehicle and electromobile will produce 1000 to 2000 quantity of heat.

2.       New style board:the medium and small power transducer speed regulation device,high power transducer speed regulation device,contravariant device induction heating apparatus,reactive compensation,active power filter,the communication power supply must have the ceramics copper-clad plate,aluminum silicon carbide substrate material.

3.       Base on led illuminating system

4.       Frequency controll device

5.       Strong electricity controller,

6.       Inverter


 Second,automobile circuit board high density interconnection(HDI)

1.       Unique advantage:the size,layers of automobile circuit board has been reduced;inlayer wiring vacancy;reduce the risk of solder bridge;advanced hot micropore;

2.       Laser light drill micropore apply;

3.       High density interconnection and special type pcb(back board,high frequency board,metal base board,thick copper foil board,photoelectricity pringting board)

Third,thick copper

strong electricity/thick copper plate technology:single and double thick copper-clad plate;copper plating and copper etching;electric conduction(overbiting,bonding)

 external wire/copper thickness and etching technology:green printing ink overbiting process;

thick copper-clad plate;printing and etching;thick copper and plug-in board;machine manufacturing(wiring,punch,water sprinkling,laser)


  Fifth,automobile circuit board use environmental protection material

1.  implement green design,green production:according with ROHS standard;

2.  Lead free manufacturing process:according with the lead-free reflow soldering technology of the highest setting temprature260℃.

3.  According with halogen-free request.(it’s ROHS environmental requirement)

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