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the benefits of using Aluminum base PCB
Jun 05, 2018

Aluminum substrate is an insulation substrate, widely used in electronic industry, it is widely used because what is it? Is actually very simple, because the application of aluminum substrate can bring benefits, then what are the benefits? The following small series with a look at it.


1, reduce the volume, reduce the cost of the product. Improve the quality and reliability of electronic equipment.

2, there are better mechanical and electrical properties, the electronics unit combination, make the whole through the circuit board assembly into a spare part, easy to exchange and maintenance for whole product.

3, It can realize the electrical connection between the various components in the circuit, the wiring instead of the complicated. Reduce the wiring workload in the traditional way, simplify the electronic product assembly, welding and debugging.


4,there is good consistency. It adopts standard design is conducive to mechanized welding. Improved productivity.