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PCB circuit board shorted inspection methods
Jun 01, 2018

1. If manual welding, to develop good habits, first of all, to visually check pcbsmart.com/' target='_blank'>PCB plate welding, and using a multimeter to check the key circuit (especially the power and ground) is short; secondly, it using a multimeter to check whether the power supply and ground short circuit welding every time a chip; in addition don't throw, welding iron, if the solder flung to the leg of the chip (especially surface mount components), it is not easy to find.

2. 在计算机上打开PCB图,点亮短路的网络,看什么地方离的最近,最容易被连到一块。特别要注意IC内部短路。

2. In the computer to open the PCB diagram, light circuit network, see what place away from the nearest, most likely to be attached to a piece of. Special attention should be paid to the IC internal short circuit.

3. 发现有短路现象。拿一块板来割线(特别适合单/双层板),割线后将每部分功能块分别通电,一部分一部分排除。

3. Were found to have short circuit phenomenon. Take a piece of plate to the secant (particularly suitable for single / double plate), secant will each part function blocks are energized, a portion of exclusion.

4. 使用短路定位分析仪,如:新加坡PROTEQ CB2000短路追踪仪,香港灵智科技QT50短路追踪仪,英国POLAR ToneOhm950多层板路短路探测仪等。

4. Using the short position analyzer, such as: Singapore PROTEQ CB2000 short trackers, euro RSCG Hongkong technology for short circuit to QT50 tracker, the British POLAR ToneOhm950 multilayer board short circuit detector etc..

5. 如果有BGA芯片,由于所有焊点被芯片覆盖看不见,而且又是多层板(4层以上),因此最好在设计时将每个芯片的电源分割开,用磁珠或0欧电阻连接,这样出现电源与地短路时,断开磁珠检测,很容易定位到某一芯片。由于BGA的焊接难度大,如果不是机器自动焊接,稍不注意就会把相邻的电源与地两个焊球短路。

5. If the BGA chip, the chip is covered all solder joints is invisible, but it is multilayer (more than 4), so it is best to design the power per chip split open, connected with magnetic beads or 0 ohm resistor, so that power and short circuit, open magnetic detection, easy positioning to a chip. Because the BGA welding is difficult, if not the machine automatic welding, little attention will turn two solder ball short adjacent power and ground.

6. 小尺寸的表贴电容焊接时一定要小心,特别是电源滤波电容(103或104),数量多,很容易造成电源与地短路。当然,有时运气不好,会遇到电容本身是短路的,因此最好的办法是焊接前先将电容检测一遍。

6. Small size surface mount capacitor welding must be careful, especially the power supply filter capacitor (103 or 104), the number of many, very easy to cause the power supply and ground short circuit. Of course, sometimes bad luck, will meet the capacitor itself is short, so the best way is the capacitance detection again first before welding.