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Need to pay attention to the manufacturing aluminum PCB
May 30, 2018

Aluminum PCB The production of pcb need to pay attention to many places, below from 5 points to you say

the engineering design line width compensation: because copper thickness, line width to make some compensation, or after the etching linewidth tolerance, the customer is not received, line width compensation value to the accumulation of experience.

2、printing solder uniformity: because the graphics after etching line copper thick ultra conventional, printing solder is difficult, skipping, too thick, too thin clients are not acceptable. How to print a layer of green is one of the difficulties.

3、after etching, etching linewidth must meet customer requirements of the drawings. Copper is not allowed, nor knives scraping knife, scratch the insulating layer, the withstand voltage test, leakage caused by sparks.

4、mechanical processing: aluminum plate drilling can be, but after drilling there is not allowed any burrs in the holes, this will affect the dielectric voltage withstand test. Routing and appearance is very difficult. And punching, need to use advanced mold, mold making is a skill, it is also one of the difficulties of aluminum PCB. After the routing edge shape, very neat, without any burr. Usually use punching, punching holes from the line surface,but shape need from the aluminum surface, circuit board punching force is cut down, and so are the skills. Punching, board warpage degree should be less than 0.5%.

5、the entire production process must not scratch the surface: aluminum base can not be handle touch, or by certain chemicals will produce surface discoloration, black, this is absolutely unacceptable, re polished aluminum surface, some customers did not receive, and it is one of the difficulties that the PCB can not be hurt in the whole process.

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