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History of the PC Board
Apr 12, 2016

In the late 1990 of the 20th century the demand by the PC Board since the textile tube of sand turn to electronic/electrical, optical, such areas as construction, automobile industry, demand sharp added. In 1999 the domestic consumption of about 140,000 tons, and increased consumption in 2003 to reach 380,000 tons, with an average annual increase rate of about 28%, much higher than the uniform of the national economy to promote speed and other general engineering plastics to enhance speed. Because domestic production is extremely small, use PC boards in China first imported from abroad. 1999-2003 China PC Board of-importing volume identify for 138,000 tons, and 235,000 tons, and 212,000 tons, and 342,000 tons, and 381,000 tons, and yet include quite number private shipped came in of PC Board, also not thinking imports of products and scrap, so actual domestic imports and consumption data to than above customs calculation to more many, international Shang PC Board Territories consistent thought China market potential Grand its relative not variable.