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Brief introduction of LED CCL knowledge
May 28, 2018

Along with the electronic products to the light, thin, small, high-density, multi-function, printed board component density and increasing integration, power consumption is more and more big, the PCB substrate heat dissipation requirements become more and more urgent, if radiating substrate is not good, will cause the printed circuit board components overheating, so that the reliability of decline. In this context the birth of high heat dissipation metal PCB substrate.


Aluminum base copper clad laminate is the most widely used PCB metal substrate, the product is in 1969 by the Japanese Sanyo national invention, in 1974 began to be used in the STK series power amplifier hybrid integrated circuit. At the beginning of the 80's metal base copper-clad plate inChinais mainly applied in the military products, the PCB metal substrate material is completely dependent on imports, the price expensive. In the late 80's, along with the expansion of aluminum base copper clad laminate in automobile, motorcycle electronic products in a wide range of use and dosage, to promote the development of China's metal substrates for PCB research and manufacturing technology and its extensive application in the electronics, telecommunications, electricity and other fields.

Representative foreign metal substrate manufacturers areJapan, the Japanese Sumitomo Panasonic electrician, DENKA HITY PLATE, USA Beggs company. Japan Sumitomo metal PCB substrate has three series (i.e. aluminum base copper clad laminate, copper clad steel iron, copper clad laminate). Aluminum base copper clad laminate, copper clad steel iron, copper clad laminate commodity grades were ALC-1401 and ALC-1370, ALC-5950 and ALC-3370 and ALC-2420. One of the earliest manufacturers have developed metal base copper-clad laminate production is the state-owned 704th factory, the late 90's there are many units also have the development and production of aluminum base copper-clad laminate. The metal substrate 704 factory has three series, namely the aluminum base copper clad laminate, copper clad laminate, iron base copper clad laminate. Aluminum base copper clad laminate factory 704 according to its characteristic difference is divided into general type and high heat dissipation and high frequency circuit using three models. According to estimates, the global metal based PCB value of about $2000000000 in 1991, the Japanese metal based PCB value for 2500000000 yen, in 1996 for 6000000000 yen in 20


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